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Ok heres the story, morning glory, pinch punch first of the month, basically i've been uber busy doing other stuff, mainly concentrating on my main site (it's non-anime so i won't plug it ^_~) but basically i'm busy as hell lately so trying to run this site aint the s#!t right now, however i do love anime and i do love walling, so i've decided i'll leave this site up (was gonna move it one of my paid servers but nah) basically i need to join a site that will but up with my irrgularity in terms of walls submissions, so if you run a site or know someone that runs a site then mail me. either that or if you wanna run this site and make it good again, then mail me and i'll take a back seat with the occasional wall here and there. gotta get good again. thanks to everyone who's helped me over the years kym, sketch, apoc, lse, ru, jayps, kcr, red, cyn, sarc, gig, it's been really appreciated hopefully your time hasn't been wasted and i can crawl to the top of the wall ladder again 0_> who knows!


Ok well we've had major problems with this server so i apologise to all it's effected, also go check out animeBGX they're back open and hopefully it'll mean the last time we see the closed notice for a while. wb BGX and nice layout btw, oh and a special welcome back to Jayps, as he's finally off the missing persons list ^_^

Wow a whole month has gone already, i apologise for that been busy on another project, and coz that project has spawned yet another straight after that, so before i get swamped i've decided time to update, i thought i done about 4 walls the other day and lost em, oh well take these four new ones including 2 new series, a couple more on their way, blame the request line lol

I know you, i know, two updates so close together, what is happening to s00, well i was in a good mood so stayed up half the night walling and now i got two wallpapers i wanna have as my desktop T_T oh well, check em out.

Oh yeah, you all suck for not signing the guestbook enough!!!! btw if you wanna request a series send your request to here

And remember you will find the newst walls if you have me on your monitors daily like Peek@chu *in hysterics at his own joke*

Not alot to say folks, i was to lazy to wall this weekend and decided to play Championship Manager in anticipation of CM4 due out soon but my saved game of 15 years was deleted so had to start again! >_< but you don't care so heres something to care about, i added a couple of links to the directory, go check em out and i also added a new affiliate; Cross Catharsis , go check em out with their sexy layout *drools*

I'm guessing you all thought, i forgot how to do this. well, i've just been busy, mainly working and working on other projects -_-" but i did find time to do this some more and it should be a little more constant now, i'd like to give a special thanks to all the people that've been signing the guestbook, it's because of you guys and gals that i never gave up on the X-F@ project and so basically those signing kept this site alive! The second thought of the moment goes to my buds in the community, they're great friends, just to name a few; Kym, LSE, Sketch, Ru, Zero, Flu, Gig, Red and Justice, thiers so many more but i'd only allowed so much space on this server lol =P

Ok on to business, as you can see theirs an all new, brand fantastic layout i came up with, their was actually another before this but it looked like jello but in X-F@ blues, dam jello, they stole it from my brain then came up in time in the ice-cream bowl >_< anyway, got a couple new walls, no revival of the old sections YET, i need something for next update innit, hope you enjoy this update, hope you all had fantastic Eids and Christmas's and even more fantastic New Year, i wish you all the best this year, and hope it's truly better than last!

I hereby announce X-F@ is back with 5 for that (what i don't know 0_0)

Sorry the site has been majorly neglected in recent weeks, plans are afoot for a new layout and some new walls are also in the works along with us trying to sort out a new home, hopefully all of this will happen asap but in the meanwhile i'm afraid you'll have to be content with the painfully slow loading stock, i promise you atleast more walls in the next few weeks along with the ressurection of a couple old galleries. wish us luck ^_^

plug: if you're in need of a non-graphical, chit chat based community to help your days and nights pass check out the EBS (Electronic Brain Stimulation) forums, hopefully a few of you will join and up and post!!!

Wow, it's been a month since the last update, my computers got issues with working properly and i've been trying to sort out client work, while wishing that they would invent the .gfx domain 0_o so with all that said and done, a couple new walls for ya, check em out ^_^ Also added a couple new links and a few backend tweaks.

Folk who know me, know i aint been online since my birthday, anyway number of reasons for that which seem to be growing, but i did manage to make a cameo for this update with 4 new walls, sorry for everything i missed, should be back full time soon, untill then enjoy the walls ^_^

No update this week sorry folks but the sites running so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww i just aint motivated to add something that will take all day to load but i aint totally sucky i bring good news, i've done a wall and working on another and thinking of another all for next week made with brand new skills ^_~ so be ready. bar that go check out Anime Jello, my buds over there released the new layout and it 0wn5 j00 411 XD

I know the updates late but i didn't realise this weekend was this weekend so i had bar-b-q's and stuff to go to, they 0wn3d tho' XD. Ok this update features new links and the addition of a vote button by popular demand. We're also featuring a guest wallpaper this update, it's really nice Love Hina - Skanky Style by Alana go check it out.

You can call of your henchmen i'm updating now XD, but first. i just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone who's been visiting and to all of you who've signed the guestbook, thanks it's appreciated ^_^;. Ok so two new walls, we got 2 Vandreads ready for your snatching but not batch downloading >D lol, apart from that, the winners have been announced for the kenshin contest over at Mixed Media ^_^ and Desktop Zero changes url this week to, cool site check it out ^_^. back to X-F@ news we've made a few changes to the links page including some new buttons and stuff, that's right it don't hurt to link here ^_~.

w00t me buds moved home and the house warmings about to start so get your arse there ^_~ ANIME JELLO the next housing or something like that 0_o anyway theirs over at now so be sure to update your bookmarks and link pages

Pinch, punch first of the month. Well i've hardly got anything to say, i lied -_-" in terms of the site i got nothing to say but hey hey, good news tho' check out the Wallpaper Collection Gallery one of our affiliates, over there it's the August anime wallpaper challenge, hope you all enter and show your skills, ^_^;;;

Pinch, punch first of the month. Well i've hardly got anything to say, i lied -_-" in terms of the site i got nothing to say but hey hey, good news tho' check out the Wallpaper Collection Gallery one of our affiliates, over there it's the August anime wallpaper challenge, hope you all enter and show your skills, ^_^;;;

w00t 2 layouts in 2 updates and here it finally is after 9 days a new update, sorry for the delay but the old layout sucked so much it ran off to tun tricks in Kings Cross, i chased her but her pimp was to big for me to take on my own T_T, oh well i kinda like this one so \(^_^)/ went back to some 2.4 stuff and merged 3.0 nd 3.5 into it and voila, also i sucked at the light layout so heres the return of the darkness, will throw something in the bottom right but been to busy to make it T_T, oh with the update, 2 new walls and 2 new links check em out. Oh yeah the gbooks fixed so go sign it XD

Well a little unexpected update here, changed the layout in order to centralise it and get rid of some flash issues, hope you like it is not i'll cry =P, enjoy, should get the guestbook back in order by the next update aint got a clue what's wrong with it but it happens

Wohoo, what's it called, oh yeah an update, better late than never but it's here, we're now presenting 2 new walls and links too, i can't be bothered to think of something long winded so please enjoy. oh yeah, kinda happy coz ppl remember X-F@ and it seems we might be getting back some of the old regulars, so wohoo, i know you don't care you just use the walls but blah to you, every visitor counts in the motivation stakes =P

Here we go again more walls for you to, i don't even wanna think about what your gonna do to em *shudders* j/k. nah have fun coz i have been oh how walling, lets not go into one here but a new links been thrown up ^_~ 2 new catergories to house the 3 new walls that we threw up and all of this said in only 2 breaths. *exhales* oh well you may notice some jello influence in the CBB ^_~. shoot i gotta run i gotta finish some work -_-".

Just done a little tweeking of the code, put a button up on the links page so you can all link back to us. the X-F@CTORY would like to extend it's upmost gratitude to the sites that have supported it's return it means alot and is appreciated to the heights unimaginable, we would also like to thank all of you who have been coming to see the walls, without you this wouldn't be possible ^_^ oh well, check back monday for some new stuff exclusive to version 3 ^_~.

Welcome back to the F@CTORY i will be your host on what will be known as the Update, or guided tour, but before we start could you please run into that dark alley so we can mug you and steal your cash and jewllery ^_^;;; we gotta pay the bills some how, ppl are starting to think this place is haunted since theirs all this work and no noise 0_o;;. Oh well this time round throwing up the links page, and a few more walls and oh oh another gallery ^_~

Welcome to the rebirth, that's right 3.0 is here, many thought it would the Factory had closed and the plot had been demolished ready to make a car-park, well i guess that did kinda happen but we did secretly bought one of them big trucks that drove the building intact to well here, well not quite intact coz some bits dropped off and caused us to rebuild, oh the web feds were after us two hence the face lift. sorry for the premature mourning that you went thru and i wish we could reimburst you for all the tissues you used 0_o;;
Ok well this is no longer funny so bub-bye, oh before we go, there was more to be said, can't remember what tho T_T. oh well we suck, welcome to this, the thing that is X-F@CTORY v3.0.

Navigations at the top, affiliates/respected sites bottom right. Get that mouse clicking, oh and don't forget to run to your friends, lets see how much traffic we can generate, or don't we want that 0_o

Oh yeah this time around we're only supplying 1024, any bigger or any smaller your gonna have to do it yourself =P

So now lets get the machinary burning, cogs turning and oh oh, you lot yearning ^_^;;;

Oh yeah before i forget check out this small but great in potential graphics community called Warped Vision not to mention the almight Anime Layer.